Memorial Weekend 2014 – Never Forgotten

Cpl Kirk Bosselmann USMCMemorial weekend is a very deep rooted reminder for the Patriot team of those brave men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom we all enjoy. For as long as we have breath they will never be forgotten. So in honor of Cpl. Kirk J. Bosselmann, those before him and those yet to come, we salute and thank them. God Bless the United States of America and the brave souls that protect her.


Prepping For The Floods At Historic Whites Ferry

White FerryWhites Ferry Potomac River FloodedNeighbors helping neighbors. With record rainfalls moving through the area, Patriot crews worked to clear out buildings at historic Whites Ferry in preparation of the Potomac River reaching flood stage later in the day. Twice in as many weeks the mighty Potomac left its banks and headed into the empty buildings, not an uncommon event for the one of a kind business located in Montgomery County Marylands Agricultural Reserve.

Patriot Crews Take Advantage of Great Weather

Stream restoration and property screen plantingPatriot crews are out in force taking advantage of the great weather. On one side of Maryland crews are planting a property border of screen trees while crews on the other side of Maryland knock out a stream side planting for a restoration project! Have work you need completed by a reliable and results oriented contractor? Give us a call today!

Unique Take on Specimen Tree Protection

Stone Tree & Root ProtectionHere is a unique take on tree protection. Patriot crews hand installed a trenchless silt fence and biologs for sediment control without damaging root systems, and then constructed by hand a rock barrier to protect a specimen Oak tree near a construction site. Low impact, ecologically responsible sediment & erosion control from the professionals at Patriot. Check out our Environmental & Site Services division on our site to see how we can help you with your next job!

Farm Fix Up Guide Ad Now Out

The Equiry Patriot AdThe “Farm Fix Up Guide” in the April edition of the The Equiery is out. Check out our ad on page 39 and visit the agricultural section of our website to see how Patriot can be your “Pasture & Property” professional:

Low Impact Forestry Mulcher Services Before & After

Before & after of Patriots low impact forestry mulching services. No large and unsightly debris piles or bare soil with our ecologically responsible methods that easily navigate around desirable species and incorporate mulched material onsite. This client was looking to reclaim his forest floor from invasive species in order to facilitate native species regeneration without wasting their vacation time. In just a few short hours the Patriot crew worked to get the area cleaned up and ready to rock.

forestry brush clearing before & after Forestry Mulcher

“Brush Goats” Biological Clearing Services from Patriot Land & Wildlife

Patriot Land & Wildlife Management is proud to partner with Sugarloaf Sustainable Farms to provide our clients with biological brush clearing services utilizing Brush Goats. Our crews utilize portable electric fencing to rotationally graze goats through areas of thick brush, invasive species, weeds and more to harness the amazingly versatile appetite of goats! Call 240-687-7228 or visit us online at to learn more. Also visit our sister company, Sugarloaf Sustainable Farms at